Saturday, December 02, 2006


Engine Frame

A big day for me today. Finally I have bolted the engine frame on. It, together with all the other steel parts, have been off to be powder coated, and just returned. I used RAL7035 since it appears to be what VANS use. I was delighted with the results. A very thin hard coat which would allow a crack to show through.

The frame was not quite accurate in its dimensions, and I used a penny washer under the lower RH corner. Its torqued up and tomorrow I will safety the bolts.

In the picture you can just see a part of a frame I have made up, to hold an Odyssey battery, on the forward face of the firewall. The angle running across ties into the rudder pedal supports and the RH vertical angle on the inside of the firewall.

The cowl hinges are in place which would be hard to do once the frame is on. I do have a concern about the hinge across the top though. I will return to this issue in the future.

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