Wednesday, January 03, 2007


O-320-D1A arrived today

My O-320-D1A arrived today from Aerosport Power in Kamloops, Canada.

I thought a couple of pictures might be useful if you have never bought an engine before, and wondered how it is shipped.

It will be quite a while before it is started, but I have to say it is beautifully presented, as you can (just about) see from the attached pictures. It is inhibited so I wont open the bag for now.

It has arrived with a good set of records from its test run, and docs for the ancillaries that are included.

Right now it comprises:

I will probably go with the e-mag / p-mag ignition, but thought I would leave it for now, in case there are more minor mods to their system, or software updates, by the time I need them.

I wasn't planning to put a primer on it, just use the throttle pump, but now it is here I might just get seduced into installing it. What I have against it is the weight thing.


[Note added 7 Jan '07. Aerosport Power advised me "The plastic wrap should be removed as condensation can accumulate under the plastic."

I therefore have the chance to take a few more pictures which at least I will find useful since I keep forgetting what goes where on the back of the engine, when I think about the firewall.]


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