Sunday, November 11, 2007


4-pipe exhaust

I seem to have a problem with the exhaust. I am wondering if it is just my set up, or if they are all like this.

If you look at the top picture you will see that the pipes are offset to the left (RHS of aircraft). This may well be because they do not allow for the fact that the engine is offset. The problem that arises is #3 is very close to the F-451 fairing. Perhaps 5/16". The #1 pipe, the inner one is about 1/16" from the sump if that.

As you can see pipes #2 and #4 do not have this problem.

Nothing to complain about here.

But this seems really tight.

I wonder if I need the tails as long. If I took about 1.5" off the pipe, so the bent tail moved forward, the problem would reduce.
Hopefully other builders have been here, otherwise I will have to track down Vetterman.
I must say I would prefer more symetry,
but more importantly I am concerned they could hit the fuse when the engine stops/starts etc.

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