Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Exhaust - the fix!

A very supportive phone call and email from Larry Vetterman.

"I have never seen the pipes this close to the tunnel. You can adjust the pipes however. They are new and very flexible. Take hold of the #1 and pull it towards the center. Give it a good push. No you cannot break it with just your amount of force applied. Then re align the #3 to it. Yes you can trim the extensions. We leave them long on purpose as some builder prefer them that way. My preference is to trim about 1.5 inches off the end. "

I spent a few minutes on it today and believe this will work. (Larry has other plans if not.) I will have some time tomorrow and when it is sorted will post some more pictures. It is great to have a supplier who is committed to having a happy customer. Larry clearly is.

Postscript 8th Dec - I wrestled with the pipes for a long morning and made a considerable improvement. Took some photographs and sent to Larry. His immediate response was that he would make me a new pipe for #1. How is that for good service. It was here in the UK 10 days later and fits a dream.

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