Saturday, December 29, 2007


Baffles and prop governor oil line.

The baffles progress.

The part for the rear wall on the LHS of the aircraft reflects the cowl shape of the RV4, but the RHS part has way too much material. I wonder if VANS shipped me the wrong part or if they always do this.

Routing the oil line over the top of the engine appears to be a vast improvement to going underneath. The path is probably slightly shorter, and it is not competing with the electrics for space along the top of the sump. If you do decide to do it this way you will need a 45 degree fitting on the front of the engine.

One issue I am pondering is how to stop the oil line from chafing where it passes through the rear baffle wall. There is no plastic bushing in the VANS catalogue that is big enough.

One of the desiccation plugs started to turn a little pink. I think it must be on the cylinder with the open valve. I took all the plugs out of the engine and regenerated the crystals. They are all a nice shade of mauve once again.

Saturday, December 08, 2007


Baffled by the baffles.

I am starting to work on the baffles and the front of the engine. It raises a couple of questions:

1) Why is the 'normal' route for the c/s oil line from the fitting just to the right of the two clecos, underneath the engine? It would be much simpler to use a 45 degree fitting and go over the top of the push rod tubes, and then through the rear baffle wall. I doubt it is any longer. Is this ever done? I can find no pictures of it done that way.

2) The baffle floor on #1 will slope down at nearly 45 degrees. I can see nothing unusual about my installation. Are all the -4 like this? Is it because of the c/s prop? I don't think I cut off much of the cowl at the back.

Postscript - 11th December
1) Aerosport Power, the supplier of the engine, say there is absolutely no reason not to go over the top.
2) D-EXTL, a very well built German RV4 has a very similar steep slope to the baffle in front of #1. So onwards, and one day upwards.

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