Thursday, January 17, 2008


Baffles, exhaust stays, fuel and carb heat.

The baffles are all cut to shape and the rubbers installed on the rear baffles. The rear baffles are primed, but I do not intend to paint them.

The front baffles wont go on until I have painted them to match the front exterior of the cowl, since they are quite visible from the front.
The exhaust stays turned out to be easy to make and adjust for length. At the moment they only have one large washer at each end, but when I have more large washers I will run another bolt through before priming them.
Here is a picture of the stay on the LHS.
In this picture you can see where the fuel exits the fuselage. From here it goes directly to the mechanical pump. The rest of the fuel system is inside the fuselage and you can see it here.

With so little of the fuel system forward of the firewall I am hoping that there is no tendancy for vaporisation in hot weather. I think I am thinking about the day when I can find no 100LL to get home.

I had some difficulty deciding how to mount the duct that brings carb heat down from the exhaust. In the end I have mounted it slightly high. The intent is that there will be some flow through the system when the flap is closed. When the engine is sucking heated air I think plenty will flow through the duct though there will be some leakage at the bottom.

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