Saturday, February 09, 2008


Oil cooler, oil lines and control cables.

Finally the oil cooler has come to rest.

I never did want to hang it in the baffles. It just seemed like more weight forward levering on the engine mount, and besides I am not sure there is room for it there in a -4.

The firewall was a possibility, but the material seems so thin and I would rather not drill it more than necessary. It would have to have been positioned very high up.

Here it is within the profile of the cowl cheek and the 3" SCAT hose has quite a short run. It is mounted entirely on the engine frame at three points.

From above it looks like this.

With the c/s unit for the prop it is becoming very crowded back here.

The oil lines to the cooler are not yet finalised but will almost certainly end up like this. It looks like I will need a new 90 degree fitting to get the oil from the engine to the cooler safely on its way. I have seen other folk cut into the prop governor bracket, but this does not make sense to me when it could come straight up.

You can see the control cable runs. The prop cable does a 270 degree turn. This was not to use up length but to ensure the tightness of the turn did not appear excessive.

So far I have managed to preserve some space around the oil filter. I just about know where everything goes and this will remain with room to access it when it needs replacing.

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