Friday, July 13, 2007


Engine install

We hung the engine today. It is a constant speed O-320 from Aerosport Power. It took two of us about 2 hours in total. It would have been less, but I messed up with the order of the washers so we had to back up at one stage.

Aerosport were kind enough to install a special fuel pump overflow fitting. Without it you might well have contact between the fitting and where the firewall sticks out. You might want to remember this when you order an engine if you are building a -4.

There is also an oil pressure takeoff point that needs to be installed before you you start, near the bottom right corner of the engine mount. Aerosport Power had taken care of that though.

The engine as it came from Aerosport looks superb, though of course it will be a while before I know how it is in action.

One thing that is worth mentioning. I have the VS, HS and rudder plus tail wheel on the back end. It is now very light and can easily be lifted in one hand. When I next remove say the rudder I will have to be very careful it does not tip forward.

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