Tuesday, September 18, 2007


P mags

My P-mags arrived fresh from Texas. I had ordered an E-mag and a P-mag, but since there were no E-mags on the shelf they upgraded my order to P-mags, at no extra cost. That's what I call customer care!

I have found it hard to find picture of e/p-mags bolted to engines, so I thought I would put a couple here. If you don't know what they are, go to this link. http://emagair.com/Index.htm

This picture shows the right p-mag. The first thing to understand is that unlike a conventional mag.., you can bolt it on rotated into any position you choose. The electronics takes care of the alignment.

In this second picture, you can see the green connector block, the manifold pressure sensor, currently covered by a shiny black cap, and just to the right of it, a LED, which is used in setup. (If it is hard to see double click the pictures, you will get a better view.)

In the third picture below, you can see the left hand p-mag. It is rotated nearly 180 degrees. I would like it further around, but the casing of the mag., interferes with one of the oil paths to the cooler. The slight disadvantage of it in this position, is the LED is somewhat hidden underneath, but no big problem.

In the fourth picture, below, you are looking down from above. As well as the major performance advantages of P-mags., and the weight saving, you can see that in the constrained area in front of the firewall of an RV4, there is a significant space saving.

(In case it confuses anyone, the control cable and hose across the bottom of the picture are just parked there while I work on the plane. This is NOT a final location.)

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Fuel Hose Problem

As light relief from prepping for painting, I decided to connect up the fuel pump to carb fuel line, but I just don't see how this is going to work out with the parts I have.

In this first picture all looks well. The fuel line comes off the pump into a KB-090-T fitting from VANS. The red cap is covering the fuel pressure fitting.

In this second picture though, you can see there is a significant problem. With the fitting rotated backwards, the fuel pipe is pressing against the mount tube and the gear leg housing. If you rotate the fitting forward, the problem doesn't reduce because while the engine mount tube is moving to the right in this picture, it is also moving closer to the camera, so it still is up hard against the fuel hose.

A 45 deg fitting allows for the fuel pipe to angle off to the right in this picture, but I would like to be able to measure fuel pressure. The only solution I can see is to buy a hose with a 45deg swivel on the end. I would welcome other ideas though. What have other builders done? (This is a dynafocal O-320.)

If you ask VANS which hose you should buy they advise this one, but I would hesitate before you go ahead.

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